Friday, April 18, 2014

How much is too much?

Last week, one of my friends shared a piece of article from the New York Times with me. The writer had glorified the Indian Loksabha election calling it 'the greatest show on earth'. I felt very proud to read the international perception of the election. However, what I witnessed on the poll day in Pune was heart-breaking. Thousands of people had no existence on the voter's list! The voting machines were tampered with at some voting center. This is either a conspiracy or sheer lack of responsibility and accountability of the administration. The ulterior motive behind such malpractices is an open secret.
Thanks to social media, there was an increased awareness about voting in the nation this time. Especially the youth was very enthusiastic to bring in change in the system. Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter were all oozing out with energy. There was definitely a positive sign that the voting percentage will profoundly increase. Alas! Some people ensured increased voting remains an ambitious reality.
Are the political parties testing our patience? The government spends enormous money to conduct elections. Political parties spend extravagantly to promote their candidates. All this money comes from the taxes we pay from time to time. What we get in return is the denial to cast a vote, our fundamental right. There is a limit to what and how much common people can tolerate. Things are getting worse day by day. How much more can we take? Time to stand up and raise our voices before it gets too much.
Election in my constituency will take place next week. In spite of being eligible to vote for around 10 years, I have still not been able to vote till date. I was never listed as a voter in spite of filling up the form multiple times. This year, at least a voter's card has been issued to me. So I am optimistic. I hope I don't fall prey to any conspiracy and can execute my right to vote.

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